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Commonly Asked Questions About Negligent Security Issues

When people get into a bar fight, are injured at a nightclub, or suffer any kind of injury because of negligent security, they often have a number of questions about the legal process that follows. For business owners, knowing that someone suffered an injury on your property, and determining if you are liable because you didn’t take the necessary security steps, can be a difficult calculation to make. For patrons, understanding what options you have is equally important.

Today, we’re going to take a look at several commonly asked questions that people have about negligent security cases.

What is negligent security?

Business owners have a legal duty to provide a sensibly safe environment for people who use or visit their property. They cannot, for example, make an area open to the public if they know it has serious hazards or problems.

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Bar Fights, Personal Injuries, and Security

Posted on October 10, 2014

Bar Fights, Personal Injuries, and Security

When it comes to going out and having a good time at the local bar, club, or restaurant, most people don’t worry about the possibility that they might end up getting hurt as a result of a fight or physical confrontation. But the reality is that these types of situations are fairly common, and thousands of people suffer injuries every year as a result of assaults that take place in public places.

If you are injured in a bar fight, what are your legal rights? Though the answer to this question is somewhat complicated, let’s take a look at some of the issues this question involves.

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What Is Premises Liability?

Posted on January 11, 2014

What Is Premises Liability?

Premises liability laws hold land and property owners legally responsible for accidents and injuries that occur on their property as a result of unsafe conditions, poor property upkeep, or any other act that leads to failure to ensure the safety of individuals on the premises.

Slip and fall accidents are the classic example of a premises liability case; however, a variety of other injury claims also fall under the purview of premises liability law. Examples include dog bites / animal attacks, construction accidents, security negligence, wrongful death accidents, assault and battery, accidental drowning, occupational injuries, broken bones, and many others.

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