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Common Types of Burn Injuries

Posted on December 24, 2013

Common Types of Burn Injuries

Everyone suffers minor scrapes, bruises, and even the occasional burn every now and again. But when someone suffers a significant burn injury, the pain, suffering, and damages caused can be serious, and even life-threatening. Learning the difference between minor burns and more serious burns is important, especially if you’ve recently suffered an accident and have been burned as a result.

Types of Burns

Medical professionals categorize burns based on both their cause and their severity. Here are the four main sources of burn injuries:

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What You Need to Know About Slip and Fall Injuries

Even though they might sound insignificant, so-called “slip and fall” injuries are not only common, but they can lead to substantial problems for those who are hurt as a result.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, over 17,000 people die, and more than one million people suffer injuries because of slips and fall accidents every year. A slip and fall injury occurs when, as the name implies, someone falls, trips, or slips on something. While simply slipping and falling doesn’t mean that you will be able to sue someone to recover damages, you can file a personal injury lawsuit in many situations where you experience injuries after a slip and fall.

Common Causes

Walking is something most people take for granted, but it becomes obvious just how potentially dangerous it can be to walk in some environments when you slip and hurt yourself. Whether you trip over a broken piece of concrete, slip on a slippery icy pavement, or fall after catching your foot on a torn or broken floor surface, there are a number of ways you can injure yourself simply by walking.

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If I’ve been hurt, when should I talk to a lawyer?

In the aftermath of a car crash, things can get hectic. Between dealing with the police, worrying about your injuries, wondering if you can afford the medical costs, and dealing with the possibility of not being able to return to work, you have a lot to think about. Not only that, but also all the other concerns and worries you have in your daily life don’t just go away because you’ve been injured. Getting hurt can often amplify your problems and make your life much more stressful.

In all that confusion, stress, and chaos, it’s no wonder that many people wait far too long before they speak to a personal injury attorney after they’ve been hurt. If you are wondering when you need to speak to a lawyer after being injured, the reality is that you cannot do it soon enough.

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Common Types of Car Accidents

Posted on December 6, 2013

Common Types of Car Accidents

According to the National Safety Council, there are over 10 million car, truck, or motorcycle accidents every year. These include everything from drivers who scrape other cars in a parking lot to multivehicle pile-ups on the nation’s interstate highways. The 10 million accidents that American drivers are involved in every year typically fall into one of several key categories.

Vehicle vs. Vehicle Collisions

Operating a motor vehicle is an inherently dangerous activity, especially because you do not have control over what other drivers do. A car collision involving two or more vehicles is usually the result of one of the following situations:

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